Troubleshoot the Adjusted Cash Balance Step 1: Bank Reconciliation Diagnostic Report

Below is important information on troubleshooting an adjusted cash issue. If you are having trouble making heads or tails, let us know and we will help. Typically adjusted cash issues present themselves in the month with erroneous information. If you have been reconciling fine and all of a sudden you notice an adjusted cash issue, […]

Other Receipts

Today we wanted to discuss "Other Receipts" In Appfolio under accounting and receivables, you will notice a task named "Other Receipt" This task is used primarily for any sort of funds coming into your account that you need to make records of. For Example, if you received insurance money to fix a broken deck, you […]

Owner Statement Ending Balance Issues

Good Morning Everyone, Today we wanted to discuss owner statement ending balance issues. This issue can seem daunting at times, but we are here to help you breeze right through it. Here are the steps we use to determine a cash balance issue not already evident on the owners statements. 1. You will want to […]