Additional Services in Time of Need

PM Bookkeeper will be rolling out additional services to help our clients throughout the nation. As the need to work remote grows, so does our commitment to our clients. PM Bookkeeper is a complete remote bookkeeping and property management services company handling day to day operations for PM companies across the nation. If you are […]

New Leasing Updates from Appfolio!

New Report: Renewal Summary We’ve created a renewals report that shows renewal offers within a selected start date range. In this report, you can track the status of a renewal offer and if the lease was renewed, which term length was chosen. To get you started, we have created a guide containing more information about […]

Appfolio 1099 Update

End of Year Reporting: 1099 Improvements You can now create separate 1099 forms per owner per property. For owners who have ownership in multiple properties, you will see a checkbox that allows to you generate 1099 PDFs separated by property. Additionally, we’ve added the option to show or hide TINs/SSNs on 1099 forms. Here is […]

More Automation From Appfolio!

Add Vendor Terms For Bill Due Dates You can now set payment terms per vendor. These terms will calculate your due dates when entering bills through the New Bill or Smart Bill Entry pages. To set this up, go to any Vendor page and edit the Accounting Information section to fill in that vendor’s payment […]

21 Additional Property Management Revenue Streams

Good Afternoon Everyone, Today I wanted to show 21 additional revenue streams that we see used by property management companies across the nation. We can help implement and manage these ideas. Take a look, let us know what you think! Top 21 Income Streams for Property Management Firms 1. App Fees*: This one is pretty […]

Troubleshoot the Adjusted Cash Balance Step 1: Bank Reconciliation Diagnostic Report

Below is important information on troubleshooting an adjusted cash issue. If you are having trouble making heads or tails, let us know and we will help. Typically adjusted cash issues present themselves in the month with erroneous information. If you have been reconciling fine and all of a sudden you notice an adjusted cash issue, […]

Appfolio Leasing

Send Multiple Terms (12 Mo, 6 Mo, Etc) At Renewal You can now prepare a renewal offer for your tenants that includes multiple term options, such as a 12-month term, 6-month term, etc., in addition to a month to month. Tenants can view all their renewal options in their online portal and sign the one […]

Appfolio 1099 Tax Preparaton

November is a very busy month for PM Bookkeeper. We begin our preparations for year end. One of the most important items to tackle early on is 1099’s! Below is some very important information. We will be sending out additional updates throughout the next couple of months with how we do taxes! Appfolio prepares 1099s […]

Generate an Invoice for Tenant Charges

You can now generate a PDF invoice to provide to a tenant for an unpaid charge on their ledger. The invoice includes the property name, address, an invoice number, invoice date, due date, and any additional descriptions and terms and conditions you wish to provide. Invoices are saved as an attachment on the tenant charge.

Setting your Bank Reconciliation on a solid Foundation

Your first bank reconciliation is critical as it sets the starting point for all future accounting transactions and reconciliations. Your beginning bank balances should already be recorded in AppFolio as part of your implementation process. If you have cleared all of the transactions you see on your bank statement in AppFolio, and your beginning, ending […]