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Based on our ongoing communications, it appears the best course of action is to force the reconciliation for the following bank accounts:

Since we do not have access to full information in regards to the account including but not limited to bank statements and transaction details, we are left with few options but to force the reconciliation. 


With your permission, we will be forcing the bank reconciliation by entering Journal Entries that will affect the following bank accounts:

Any transactions entered will be at a property level and will also affect owner balances for that property. This is generally not recommended, as it is a transaction that simply records a balance, but does not fully account for the property’s books for the allotted time period. 


This could lead to potential issues in the future if you need to justify the Journal Entries added to force the bank reconciliation. We always recommend consulting with your local Department of Real Estate so you are aware of your state and local regulations.


If you agree with PM Bookkeeper force reconciling your bank account, please sign below. Please consult your local attorney, cpa, and real estate department if you need further clarification. PM Bookkeeper will be held harmless for any reconciliations forced to reconcile. 



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