Online Lease Agreements

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we wanted to briefly discuss online leasing in the Appfolio database. This is a very powerful tool that needs to be set up and adopted by each appfolio user. I have created over 100 leases in the appfolio database. Here are a few tips I wish I would have known about years ago.

1. Online leasing begins with your lease document. I would recommend having a local real estate attorney draft a general lease that fits your company and owners needs.
2. By General lease, I mean have the Attorney leave blanks where data needs to be entered. IE: Rent Amount, Deposit Amount, Pet Addendum..
3. Have your attorney deliver the lease to you in a word document.
4. Transpose that word document into appfolio leaving clear blanks where data needs to be entered. Fill in Blanks after to save time in building the doc.
5. Once all verbiage is entered, go back to the blanks and start using the pre fill data options available. Keep in mind you may also create manual fields if you do not see an option. For example if your lease asks how many pets a tenant will have, you would create a manual field and name it: "How Many Pets Does The Tenant Have? (Answer numerical only)" ..This way when creating a lease, you can manually enter how many pets a tenant will have.
6. Each page of a lease has an area to initial at the bottom. Keep this in mind when following along with the lease created for you. If that lease has 10 pages, your online lease should also have ten pages.

Additional Tip: Let the attorney know of the appfolio layout. We only have options for 1 signature spot and multiple initial spots as well.

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