What is Adjusted Cash Balance?

The Adjusted Cash Balance represents the amount of money you should have in your bank account, assuming all of the transactions you’ve entered in AppFolio are accurate. The Adjusted Cash Balance is calculated from the following:

  • Property balances (only from properties linked to the current bank account)
  • Less unreconciled deposits
  • Less unreconciled receipts deposited after the reconciliation period
  • Plus unreconciled checks
  • Plus unreconciled eCheck or ACH batches and reversals
  • Plus unreconciled eCheck or ACH batches generated after the reconciliation period
  • Plus uncleared checks voided after the reconciliation period

The Adjusted Cash Balance must match the cleared and ending balances in order to successfully reconcile. We call this a “triple tie-out.” If your reconciliation is not triple tied-out, the Adjusted Cash Balance appears in red in the Reconciliation Summary.


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