Additional Services in Time of Need

PM Bookkeeper will be rolling out additional services to help our clients throughout the nation. As the need to work remote grows, so does our commitment to our clients. PM Bookkeeper is a complete remote bookkeeping and property management services company handling day to day operations for PM companies across the nation. If you are looking to cut costs while increasing satisfaction to your client base, give us a call!

The new services PM Bookkeeper will make available immediately:

Mail forwarding to our offices located in TX and S. Florida: Let our team handle the day to day mail. Anything important will be scanned and emailed to you. Everything else (Bills/Deposits) we will create in appfolio.. If you are using a large bank in our area, we can also create your deposits.

Tenant/Owner Communications: Our team can plug directly into your tenants and owners via Appfolio. We will use you messaging and email setup in appfolio to provide services to owners and tenants in need.

SBA Loan assistance and entry: If you are concerned about making payroll, we would advise using this assistance program: PM Bookkeeper can help create the entries needed into the system as well as track the loan in appfolio.

The number 1 thing we can all do right now is work together. We will pull through this together and be stronger than we ever were. If you have any questions, or need any help, please feel free to reach out!


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