Appfolio Payment Plans

Create a Payment Plan for a Charge

Once you and your tenant have come to an agreement on a payment plan for an outstanding balance, you can record it in AppFolio to break up a charge into multiple, smaller charges due on the agreed upon dates.

Note: You cannot create a payment plan for a charge that is paid in full.
  1. Navigate to the charge you wish to create a payment plan for. You can do this by running a Tenant Ledger and clicking the charge in question.User-added image
  2. Click Edit on the charge.
  3. Select the option for Payment Plan. A new field will appear for you to enter the payment plan details.
  4. Enter the Following payment plan details:
    • Charge Date – The date the charge is due from the tenant.
    • Amount – The amount of the charge.
    • Posting Date – If accrual accounting is enabled in your account, enter the posting date to record when the balance is recorded on the general ledger.User-added image
  5. Click Add Another Charge if the agreed upon payment plan consists of more than two charges.
  6. When done, click Save. Review the section below to see what accounting is posted.

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