Important Appfolio Updates

New Bulk Update for Owner Packet Settings

Now you can bulk update Owner Packets! You are now able to:

  • – Add or remove a single report
  • – Choose which owners, properties, or groups need to be updated
  • – Add notes or attachments to the Owner Statement (Enhanced)

Click the new Bulk Update Owner Packets task on the Reports page or any Owner page to get started.

Share Inspections With Tenants For Signing

Share your inspections with tenants online through their Tenant Portal, where all financially responsible tenants and co-signers can review and sign them. You can download a PDF version of signed inspections, and tenants can access their signed inspections in the Tenant Portal at any time.

New Invoice Preview For Bill Approval

To help improve the bill approval process, you can now see a preview of the invoice alongside your bill details. With the enhanced view, you can quickly review details on the invoice without having to download the attachment. This feature is available for all bills created via the Smart Bill Entry service.

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