March Appfolio Updates

March 2019

  • Apply Portfolio Branding To Property Owners: You can now choose to extend your portfolio branding to owners, as well as tenants and vendors. President users can enable this feature in Company Settings. Doing so will update the company name, logo, and contact information that owners see to match the Portfolio settings. Any information that is not filled out will default back to the company information.
  • Rental Applications Now Support ITIN Numbers: We know that not all applicants have a Social Security Number so we’ve added the ability to collect an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) to Online Rental Applications and Manual Applications. You may now run a background check using the ITIN number to understand if the applicant has a criminal history or is on a federal watchlist. This update will enable you to screen the applicant to mitigate your risk during the leasing process.
  • New Financial Diagnostics Sections for Additional Fees: To provide you with visibility into your properties’ additional fee balances, we’ve added two new sections to the financial diagnostics page – Negative Balance on Additional Fee GL Accounts and Positive Balance on Additional Fee GL Accounts.
  • Automatically Save Lease Signed Date: Sending leases to tenants through AppFolio’s online lease feature? To save you time, lease countersigned dates for new tenants will now automatically be stored on the tenant page. You’ll find this date in the Lease Signed field under Lease Information. Existing dates you’ve saved will not be overwritten.
  • Itemized Delinquent Rent Merge Field: To help keep your 3-Day Notices clear and compliant, we’ve added a new merge field you can use in any Tenant letter. Add "Tenant Delinquent Rent (Itemized)" to your templates to include all delinquent charges against that tenant’s Rent Key Account, broken down by posted date, original amount charged, and amount due, along with a total.
  • Store Percentage Of Ownership For Association Units: We’ve added a dedicated field for storing ownership percentages for the units in your associations. You can update this field in bulk by going to the ‘Units’ tab of any given association, and selecting the ‘Bulk Import Ownership Percentages’ task. You can also update any unit directly on an individual unit page, in the Unit Summary block.
  • Add Unit Address to Reports: Deposit Register, Charge Detail, Resident Financial Activity, Dues Roll, Renter Directory, Homeowner Delinquency.
  • Exclude Other Receipt From Pay Management Fees Calculation: We’ve added a checkbox when entering an Other Receipt; checking this will exclude the Other Receipt from the Pay Management Fees calculation so that you do not pay the management company again for that fee.
  • Online Property Management Agreements: To help streamline your process and eliminate double entry, you can now send and keep track of your Property Management Agreements within AppFolio.
  • Duplicate Check Warnings: You’ll now see a warning when attempting to reuse a check number. If you’re doing a check run in Pay Bills and reuse check numbers, we’ll show links to the duplicate checks. You’ll still be able to reuse check numbers if you wish.
  • New As Of Date Tenant Delinquency Report: You can now filter for tenant delinquencies by an ‘as of’ date to see delinquency information as of a date in the past with the new "Delinquency As Of Date" report.
  • Bill Approval based on Dollar Amount: We have heard that some companies need multiple levels of bill approval depending on the dollar amount. You can now setup different approval workflows for bills based on dollar thresholds by visiting "Manage Approval Flow" from the "General Settings" page. If you would like to have Bill Approval enabled for your account, please have a presidential user submit a support request.
  • Pay Bills Flow Updates: We’ve made enhancements to the Pay Bills Flow including adding in the All Bank Accounts filter, the ability to transfer owner funds within the flow, and preserving your selection when linking out to bill details.

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