Other Receipts

Today we wanted to discuss "Other Receipts"

In Appfolio under accounting and receivables, you will notice a task named "Other Receipt"

This task is used primarily for any sort of funds coming into your account that you need to make records of. For Example, if you received insurance money to fix a broken deck, you would use the "Other Receipt" Function. It is also important to be aware of which GL account to use. A reimbursable item should be booked differently than rent income.

Here are the steps to enter an other receipt.

Other Receipt (Non-Tenant Receipt)

Accounting > Receivables > Other Receipt


  • Received From
  • Amount
  • Property and Unit (If provided)
  • Appropriate GL Account
  • Receipt Date (Date of Check/payment)

Once the receipt is entered, deposit the receipt using the date provided on deposit slip.

Accounting > Receivables > New Bank Deposit

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