Setting your Bank Reconciliation on a solid Foundation

Your first bank reconciliation is critical as it sets the starting point for all future accounting transactions and reconciliations. Your beginning bank balances should already be recorded in AppFolio as part of your implementation process. If you have cleared all of the transactions you see on your bank statement in AppFolio, and your beginning, ending and adjusted cash balances do not all match, it may be attributed to the following:

Incorrect beginning property cash balances

  • You can find out your beginning balance by running a trust account balance report “as of” your financial cut off date. This is the date on which we imported your beginning balances into AppFolio.
  • To correct these cash balances, run a General Ledger report for your financial cutoff date for the specific property and find the beginning balance journal entry. You may open this journal entry to edit the cash balance and an offsetting GL account account balance.

Incorrect starting bank account balances

  • If any of the bank account balances need to be updated, please submit a support request. It is NOT recommended to do this unless this is the first bank reconciliation for this bank account.

Missing uncleared items carried over from your old solution

  • If any uncleared items carried over from your old system (checks issued not yet cashed and/or pending deposits) are not accounted for or were entered for the incorrect amount, you will need to enter those as bank adjustments or edit the existing bank adjustments. See Bank Adjustments for instructions.

If none of the above information resolves or helps identify your issue, please submit a support request. Please note, accounting or audit advice or consulting is not a service we are licensed to provide.

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